The Harvard Stem Cell Institute brings together leading researchers from disparate fields across Harvard’s schools, institutes, and affiliated hospitals; bridges gaps in traditional funding to encourage bold thinking and nurture scientific careers; and creates a highly collaborative environment with multiple channels of interaction that give birth to new ideas, new programs, and the resources to support them. This environment includes:

Research Group

Through it's five research groups -- Aging, Blood, Discovery, Metabolic Diseases, and Neuroscience, and the specific Disease Programs within those groups, HSCI channels its world-class resources, both intellectual and technological, toward some of the most prevalent, devastating diseases for which stem cell research holds promise. At this time, we have Disease Programs in cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hearing loss, nervous system diseases, blood diseases, and kidney disease.

Core Facilities

HSCI accelerates stem cell research is by providing its community with resources that are beyond the means of any individual lab. Our core facilities offer immediate access to specialized equipment, reagents and materials, know-how, and training.

Early-Stage Research

HSCI Seed Grants and Junior Faculty Programs provide early funding for innovative projects in stem cell research in this era of shrinking federal resources. These focused funds allow scientists to pursue "high risk/high reward" avenues of research that might be difficult to fund from other sources.

MD/PhD Fellowship

The HSCI Medical Scientist Training Fellowship is awarded to Harvard Medical School students who demonstrate strong interest in stem cell research and HSCI believes will contribute to the future of the field.

HSCI Internship Program

HSCI's leading stem cell internship program provides undergraduate students with a focused and challenging summer research experience in a cutting-edge stem cell lab.