AstraZeneca Announces Five-Year Collaboration with HSCI

April 3, 2015

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

AstraZeneca today announced that it has entered into a five-year research collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) to adapt a technique that creates human beta cells from stem cells for use in screens of AstraZeneca’s compound library in the search for new treatments for diabetes. The collaboration also aims to better understand how the function of beta cells declines in diabetes and research findings will be made available to the broader scientific community through peer-reviewed publications.

In people with...

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Seeing the Light

March 25, 2015

HSCI Principal Faculty member Connie Cepko and postdoctoral researcher Wenjun Xiong talk about developing a gene therapy to stave off blindness. Video: Rick Groleau

Gene therapy slows vision loss in mouse models of retinal degeneration

By Stephanie Dutchen, Harvard Medical School Writer


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Brains or skin?

March 13, 2015

In the top image the frog embryo is developing normally. In the bottom image the frog embryo is lacking a head and brain as a result of the suppression of the Notum protein.

Researchers identify a vital protein that can determine head and brain development

By Hannah L. Robbins, HSCI...

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A New Stem Cell Advance

March 3, 2015
Stem-cell derived hypothalamic neuron
Above, one type of hypothalamic neuron created from stem cells. For the first time, researchers have access to these live human neuron types that are involved in everything from the regulation of sleep, to obesity, and other basic processes....
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HSCI Call For Proposals: 2015 Development Grants

February 6, 2015

Submission Deadline: 5 PM EST, Friday, March 6, 2015

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) invites applications for the 2015 cycle of Development Grants thanks to the Bowes Acceleration Fund. Development grants are different from the HSCI Seed Grants and Disease Program Pilot Grants. In line with the intent of this fund, this program will provide resources for innovative, high-impact projects that are ready to be “accelerated” into a development or translational phase or can be prepared for such a phase as a result of the proposed funding. Projects may be in any...

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