William T. Pu, MD

William T. Pu, MD

Boston Children's Hospital
Harvard Medical School
William T. Pu, Dana Farber Harvard Cancer Center

The Pu laboratory studies the regulation of gene expression in heart development and heart failure with the goal of applying their new knowledge towards regenerative approaches to congenital and acquired heart disease.

Research in William T. Pu's laboratory seeks new insights into:

  1. the transcriptional network regulating heart development and disease,
  2. cell lineage specification in heart development and regeneration, and
  3. genetic contributions to congenital heart disease.

The Pu lab is interested in the regulation of gene expression and cell lineage specification in heart development, disease, and regeneration. Major technologies employed include: genetically engineered mice, conditional gene inactivation, genome-wide chromatin occupancy analysis, and RNA expression profiling.


Dr. Pu received an MD from Harvard Medical School. He completed his internship, residence, and pediatric cardiology training at Boston Children's Hospital.

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