Who We Are

To pursue the promise of stem cell science and regenerative medicine, in 2004 Harvard founded the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), a novel network of stem cell scientists that extends from the University to its affiliated hospitals and the biomedical industry. Leveraging its unique environment, HSCI has helped to change the paradigm for biomedical research and education by enabling cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaboration and student participation in cutting-edge science.

The Harvard community and the greater Boston area is home to the largest concentration of biomedical researchers in the world, which allows HSCI to advance stem cell biology and translational medicine in a way no other single entity can. Stem cell biologists across all the departments, schools, institutes, and affiliated hospitals of Harvard are able to collaborate on a daily basis with scientist-physicians, chemists, bioengineers, and experts in business, law, and ethics in order to develop tomorrow's treatments and cures today.

HSCI is focused on bringing stem cell-based treatments to patients as quickly as possible. While continuing to advance scientific discovery, we are developing treatments for diseases of aging, the blood, cancer, metabolism, and neurological disorders. To accomplish this, we bring together more than 1,000 scientists in the schools and affiliated hospitals of Harvard, fund novel research, and implement new collaborative academic and industrial models.

HSCI is funded entirely by private philanthropy and supports discounted rates for its members at several core facilities in the Harvard community: iPS Core Facility; HSCI Therapeutic Screening Center; HSCI Center for Stem Cell Bioinformatics; Center for Human Cell Therapy (CHCT)/Trans Lab; Center for Human Antibody Therapeutics (CHAT); Humanized Neonatal Mouse Center (HNMC); as well as flow cytometry cores at Boston Children's Hospital, Joslin Diabetes Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Harvard University Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology.  Additionally, members of the HSCI research community have access to the production of clinical-grade cellular therapy products through the Connell O’Reilly Cell Manipulation Core Facility (DF/HCC) at DFCI directed by Jerome Ritz, MD, HSCI Executive Committee and Principal Faculty member.