Research Fellow (Langenau Lab)

Research Fellowship Position Available – Pediatric Cancer and Stem Cells

The Department of Molecular Pathology/Cancer Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking two research fellows to work in the laboratory of Dr. David Langenau.  As part of the dynamic network of researchers in both the Department of Pathology and the Cancer Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, thesd individuals will be integrated into both the medical and research community at Harvard Medical School.

Research will focus on using zebrafish cancer models, mouse xenografts, and human cell lines to better understand how pediatric muscle tumors and leukemia relapse following conventional chemotherapeutic intervention.  Projects will center on using cutting-edge live cell imaging to visualize cancer development in fluorescent-labeled zebrafish.  Work will also involve use of human cell lines, biochemistry, molecular biology, and mouse xenografts. Dr. Langenau’s research interests are best summarized in the following manuscripts (Blackburn et al., Cancer Cell 2014; Tang et al., Nature Methods, 2014; Chen et al., PNAS 2014; Ignatius et al., Cancer Cell 2012). 

Please send a resume and 2 references of contact to Dr. David Langenau ( Please title your email “Fellowship Application”. Salary will be based on years of experience and will be competitive with pay scales at all Harvard Affiliated Hospitals.

David M. Langenau, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Director of Molecular Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Member, Regenerative Medicine and Cancer Center MGH
149 13th Street, office #6012
Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129