Making music that funds muscular dystrophy research

Neil Brewer is a poet, musician, educator, and experienced ping-pong table rafter. He is also an HSCI donor.

After teaching fifth and sixth graders for the first twenty years of his education career, Neil wrote The Eight O'Clock Bell, a collection of stories and songs about "all things school." Over the past six years, he has performed works from his book at over 200 schools, on stage, and at special events for educators, students, and the general public. Now teaching upcoming educators at Indiana University Southeast, Neil continues to write poetry and music associated with school experiences so many of us have in common.

But Neil's performances do more than encourage audiences to reflect on bullying, school dances, and homework, because 100% of the shows' proceeds are donated to HSCI to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy. He will be soon releasing a CD of the music from The Eight O'Clock Bell and proceeds from this album will also be donated to HSCI.

When asked why he continues to make these generous gifts, Neil explains, "Oh, I'd say we humans can be pretty much like animals on occasion. A lion probably won't bite you, unless it—or something it loves—is a bit threatened, and since I am very much aware of the feeling, I'm ready to lay teeth into muscular dystrophy for as long as I possibly can."

Giving to HSCI is his way of fighting back against muscular dystrophy, and being a man who once wrestled a black bear, Neil is quite a fighter. To find out more about his upcoming album and shows, and to learn about how to schedule a performance, visit