How to live and love the biotech rollercoaster


Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Harvard University, Sherman-Fairchild Building, Room G62, 7 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Celixir plc is a UK stem cell company with two Phase 3 products, and is expected to IPO in 2018 with the founders still retaining 75% of the equity (after 5 rounds of external funding).

Founders Prof. Sir Martin Evans (2007 Nobel Laureate) and CEO Ajan Reginald (Former Global Head of New Technologies, Roche Pharmaceuticals), started Celixir in 2008 to bring the life saving cellular medicines they discovered to patients ASAP.

Ajan will share the reality of starting and growing Celixir in 8 years including the major mistakes and the 1-2 key successes that have made Celixir, potentially, the first stem cell unicorn.
Guest speaker:
Ajan Reginald, CEO

Ajan Reginald is a Biotech entrepreneur and the co-founder and Chief Executive of Celixir plc. Celixir plc isAjan Reginald image a British cellular medicines company with drugs in late-stage clinical trials for heart failure and tendon repair and an extensive in-house product pipeline. The founders Ajan and Professor Sir Martin Evans (2007 Nobel Laureate) invented Celixir's technology platform to discovery novel cellular medicines and discovered the Heartcel and Tendoncel medicines.

Prior to Celixir, Ajan held positions with Roche as the Global Head of Emerging Technologies and Business Development Director, and with Boston Consulting Group in Zurich and Chicago.

Ajan is a graduate of the University of Oxford (MSC Experimental Therapeutics), Northwestern University (Kellogg MBA) and London University (Dentistry). Ajan is a recipient of the UK Fulbright Scholarship, Kellogg Biotech Scholarship and Roche Gold Olympiad awards.

Ajan lives in Stratford-upon-Avon with his wife and young family. He plays hockey for the England Masters team recently competing in World Cup and European championships.