"The Art of Scientific Storytelling: Write Your Research Manuscript Using a Step-by-Step Formula"


Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 1:30pm to 3:30pm


Harvard Medical School, TMEC 227, 260 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA

Nanocourse Description:

Lecturer: Dr. Rafael E. Luna, Postdoctoral Research Fellow and author of The Art of Scientific Storytelling, Harvard Medical School

Research manuscripts are written to have an impact on the scientific community and to be cited by others. However, there are thousands of research articles published in our respective fields each year. How is it possible to distinguish one’s research paper from all of the other publications? By communicating one’s science in a clear and compelling fashion.

This interactive nanocourse provides instruction on how to write a scientific manuscript using the structural aspects of storytelling, i.e. dramatic arc. We will explore the logic of narrative craft and how to adapt it to writing a scientific manuscript. Dr. Luna will introduce his Scientific Storytelling method for writing research manuscripts. During the first session, instruction will be provided on the implementation of the Scientific Storytelling method into the basic components of a research manuscript: Title, Abstract, Figures, Results, Introduction, and Discussion. Registered students will then apply these concepts towards writing a title and an abstract for their own research which will be critiqued and revised during the second and third sessions.