Connell O'Reilly Cell Manipulation Core Facility at DFCI


The (Connell and O'Reilly Families) Cell Manipulation Core Facility (CMCF), at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) was created in 1996 to be a manufacturing facility for production of safe and effective novel cellular component therapies, that meet regulatory guidelines for clinical use and enable cellular therapies to be translated from the bench to bedside. The goal of this facility, directed by Jerome Ritz, HSCI Executive Committee and Principal Faculty member, is to assist HSCI and DF/HCC investigators and sponsors in developing new cell-based therapies for cancer, gene therapy products for genetic diseases, and adoptive immunotherapy products. Many of these cellular products are manufactured in the context of clinical research studies designed to evaluate the toxicity and efficacy of novel treatments.

The CMCF facility, located in the Jimmy fund building, is dedicated to the production of clinical-grade cellular therapy products for patients who participate in clinical trials conducted by HSCI and DF/HCC investigators. All procedures are performed in environmentally-controlled conditions according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) established for cell and tissue processing.