Come fly with us

We’re always looking for new ways to tell the HSCI story, and if you are aboard one of 58,000 American Airlines flights with in-flight audio programing — anywhere in the world — this May or June you’ll have an opportunity to hear our latest effort. HSCI Co-Director Douglas Melton, PhD, is being featured in a two-and-one-half minute spot as part of the “Executive Reports” talk channel that fliers can tune in to. Some 8.4 million passengers will be on those flights, and using even the most conservative estimates, it’s safe to say Melton’s interview will be heard by an absolute minimum of between 175,000 and 190,000 people. Even if you won’t be flying on American during that period, but you know someone who will, please tell them to tune in the “Executive Reports” to hear Melton talking about the promise of stem cell science.