American Society of Hematology honors two HSCI leaders

December, HSCI Co-Director David Scadden, MD, and HSCI Executive Committee Chair Leonard Zon, MD, were each presented with a prestigious award from the American Society of Hematology (ASH), the world’s largest professional society of blood specialists.

Scadden, of Massachusetts General Hospital, and Zon, of Children’s Hospital Boston, were among a group of six eminent scientists honored by the society for making significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of hematologic diseases. The awards were presented at the 52nd ASH Annual Meeting in Florida.

Scadden was presented with the 2010 Dameshek Prize for his landmark contributions to stem cell biology. The society noted that Scadden has increased the fundamental understanding of the stem cell niche and how cells engage it, and that his contributions have altered the thinking in the field and given direction for interventions to improve transplantation.

Zon was recognized with the E. Donnall Thomas Lecture and Prize for his pioneering research of the development and regulation of hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells. This prize, named after a Nobel Prize laureate and past ASH president, recognizes pioneering research achievements in hematology.