Who We Are

As the largest collaborative of its kind, the Harvard Stem Cell Institute is a unique scientific enterprise -- a community of scientists and clinical experts in stem cell science seeking to bring new treatments to the clinic and new life to patients with a wide range of chronic illnesses.

To pursue the promise of stem cell and regenerative biology, in 2004, Harvard created a novel academic home for researchers and students, and a network of stem cell scientists extending from the University to its affiliated hospitals and the biomedical industry. Leveraging this unique environment, Harvard’s program has helped to change the paradigm for biomedical research and education by emphasizing cooperative teams and student participation in cutting-edge science.

The Harvard community consists of the largest concentration of biomedical researchers in the world, which allows us to advance stem cell biology and translational medicine in a way no other single entity can. Stem cell biologists across all the departments, schools, institutes, and affiliated hospitals of Harvard are able to collaborate on a daily basis with scientist-physicians, chemists, bioengineers, experts in business, law, and ethics, in order to develop tomorrow's treatments and cures today.