Translational Research Program

In recent years, numerous basic science laboratories have identified the characteristics of cells, methods of manipulating them or devices to facilitate obtaining certain outcomes from cells that have practical implications for the development of novel cell-based therapies. Once the basic principles and proof-of-concept experiments are done, research laboratories are need additional resources are to move validated hypotheses into clinical applications. A collaborative effort between the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) and the Center for Human Cell Therapy (CHCT) has contributed significantly to this process.

HSCI and CHCT are in a unique position to collaboratively and efficiently take discovery research results further into the clinical stage. CHCT is a cross-institutional effort designed to provide the Harvard community and its affiliated hospitals with an infrastructure that facilitates the initial steps (e.g. pre-clinical phase) of translating novel cell therapy protocols for the treatment of damaged or diseased tissues from the laboratory to the clinic. Specifically, CHCT offers an infrastructure in which to carry out preclinical tasks such as high-end cell selection and culturing, qualification and testing of reagents, bio-device and cell handling under GMP conditions, scale-up of methods, ongoing process validation, development of standard operating procedures and IND development. The success of the collaboration between HSCI and CHCT is ensured by tight links in their leadership structures.

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