Technical Assistant (Karp Lab)

Translational Mucosal Biology & Drug Delivery:

Karp Lab / Langer Lab, Boston, MA, USA

The Karp Lab at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Langer Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aim to rapidly advance therapeutic solutions for diseases in oral and gastrointestinal mucosa through multidisciplinary approaches. A major focus between our research groups is to develop technologies that can be rapidly translated to the clinic to improve the quality of life of suffering patients.

This technical assistant will help developing stem cell/small molecule based therapeutic systems for mucosa-related diseases. The candidate for this position will be responsible for stem cell culture, small molecule screening, cell-based assays, animal studies and data analysis. The candidate will have strong organizational and communication skills for assisting technology innovators, engineers, biologists, and clinicians in a dynamic team environment.

Basic Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor or Masters degree and relevant experience in Biology, Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry or related fields.
  • Ideally will have ample experience in cell culture; cell-based assays; small molecule screening; molecule biology and animal studies.
  • Candidates should be allowed to work in the USA.

The Karp and Langer Labs are dynamic and fast paced environments that thrive on collaboration and ingenuity. We have a diverse, international talent pool, simultaneously working on multiple projects across several disease areas. We are focused on the development of platform technologies supporting a broad range of potential applications in medicine and bioengineering. Our emphasis on translational research enables us to train the next generation of bioengineers and expand the boundaries of this exciting field. We seek members with highly developed interpersonal skills who could contribute to our dynamic lab community.

Interest candidates should email: and include a cover letter expressing interest and their updated CV with a list of publications.