Supporters of HSCI

Leadership Gifts

Our deepest gratitude goes to the donors listed below for their profound commitment to stem cell science at Harvard. We recognize these top supporters, whose cumulative gifts and pledges total $100,000 or more as of the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013. Their enduring leadership helps Harvard sustain its excellence in stem cell science.

Anonymous (14)
Ronald C. Agel and Yvette Agel-Stenzel
Joseph C. Aragona
Art of the Cure for Juvenile Diabetes
The Frederick Banting Foundation, Inc.
William K. Bowes, Jr.
Jane Brock-Wilson
Paul A. and Catherine F. Buttenwieser
James H. Clark
Thomas E. Claugus
Estate of Ruthe Cowl
W. Robert and Leslie D. Dahl
James A.W. and Samantha P. David
William H. and Phyllis C. Draper
Charles J. Egan Jr. and the Stanley H. Durwood Foundation
Wyman L. and Joy Emery
Andrew L. and Sandi Farkas
Daniel D. Y. and Maryann T. Fong
George P. Gardner
James H. Gipson
GlaxoSmithKline Research & Development Ltd.
Robert I. Goldman Foundation
Lawrence E. Golub
Bruns H. and Perrin Moorhead Grayson
Kenneth C. Griffin
Howard A. and Stella Heffron
J. Tomilson Hill
Steven and Hillary L. Hochberg
Craig A. and Tracey Huff
Morton P. and Chris S. Hyman
David L. Jaffe
Johnson & Johnson
Gerald R. and Darlene Jordan
Jared Kaplan and Maridee A. Quanbeck
W. Howard and Pamela Carmichael Keenan
Roger G. Kuo
Sandra L. Kurtzig
Georgia F. Larson
Jonathan S. and Jeanne Bachelor Lavine
Richard Carlton Lee
Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum
Michael M. Lynton
Scott and Laura Malkin
Tony and Shelly Malkin
Matsumoto Dental University
John H. McFadden
Helena McKenna Family Trust
Scott F. and Brenda K. Meadow
Roberto A. and Allison Hughes Mignone
Stuart A. Miller
Millipore Foundation
Stephen A. and Kristin Williams Mugford
Leo F. and Leah J. Mullin
Glen D. and Marilyn C. Nelson
New York Stem Cell Foundation, Inc.
James W. and Ann G. O’Keefe
Esther B. O’Keeffe Foundation
Richard C. and Lisa N. Perry
Stephen R. and Deborah H. Quazzo
Lars A. and Joanne W. Reierson
Eleanor C. River
William L. and Elizabeth H. Robbins
Helene and Jim Rosenthal
James F. and Anne F. Rothenberg
Steven J. and Leslie M. Saiontz
Sherwin L. Samuels
Charles W. Schellhorn
Scott A. and Laurie Schoen
William A. and Fay L. Shutzer
Singer Family Foundation
Dinakar Singh and Loren Eng
Edward J. and Phyllis J. Soboczenski
James A. and Sara Crown Star
Sternlicht Family Foundation
Thomas J. and Carroll D. Swan
Frederick G. and Mary C. Sykes
Steven M. and Joyce E. Tadler
Jeffrey G. Tarrant
Thomas J. and Alice Montag Tisch
Michael and Anna Vranos
Alan H. and Barbara A. Washkowitz
Stephen R. and Nathalie Wong
Caryl E. Yanow
Paul J. Zofnass and Renee Ring

Fiscal Year 2013 Support

We gratefully acknowledge all donors who made new gifts or pledges during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013. Each of these individuals and organizations provided crucial support to stem cell science at Harvard.

Anonymous (4)
Action Health
Ronald C. Agel and Yvette Agel-Stenzel
Constance E. Ahara
Loren A. Alcombright
Pamela J. Alcombright
Nayab Ali
Sahar Ali
Blair Axel
The Frederick Banting Foundation, Inc.
John M. Baxter
David Begin
Jeffrey D. Belanger
Henry and Anne M. Bent
Biogen Idec Foundation Inc.
Hyman Brenner
Stephen and Jo Ellen Brewton
Julie A. Broad
Jane Brock-Wilson
Calgary Foundation
Alfred F. and Agnes E. Cavalari
Gloria W. Chau
Raymond E. Clark
Linda W. Cohen
Joan S. Colarusso
Doris L. Colgan
Susan Derda
Jonathan Dovev
William H. and Phyllis C. Draper
Timothy P. Driskell
Mr. and Mrs. James Duffy
Arthur G. Dunn
Daniel A. Elkes
Penny Engelsman
Margaret Faust
Hossein Firooznia
Margaret Fisk
Marybeth and William E. Foster
Nancy Gold
Lawrence E. Golub
Andrew Gordon
John Herzfeld
Elizabeth Kann
Judith A. and William W. Kates
Kenneth Kelman
William F. Kerins and Ruth M. Boulet
Suna and Inan Kiraci Foundation
M. Kopcokl
Elizabeth G. Korn
Stephen and Susan Korn
Roger G. Kuo
Sara M. and Andy Kurtzig
Barbara H. and Jack Labovitz
Richard T. and Susan P. Lee
Thomas H. Lee, Jr. and Soheyla D. Gharib
William F. and Leslie Lee
Diane C. and Irwin Levy
Elizabeth M. Lewis and
David A. Fahrenthold
Harry R. Lewis and Marlyn E. McGrath
Gerald Livreri
Local 1508 U A W
Scott and Laura Malkin
James F. Martin
Helena McKenna Family Trust
The Merck Company Foundation
Nicholas Metcalfe
Millipore Foundation
Leo F. and Leah J. Mullin
Mana Nakornchai
Amy Klette Newman Foundation
Novartis IBRI
E. Staman and Beverly Ogilvie
Ellie Okada
Peter A. and Merleen P. Ottaviano
George C. Perreault
Conrad E. Person
William G. and Rina S. Pertusi
Raquel Pino
Neal E. and Karen J. Pirie
John A. Quagliaroli
Rally for Ali Committee
Brian Reich
Sandra Ricci
Anthony Rosenzweig and Debra F. Weinstein
Dean and Carrie Rudebush
William A. and Carol Sahlman
Sadie H. Sanchez
Roger A. Saunders
Nikolai Schiller
Reina Shebesta
Tonia H. Simon
Scott M. Singer
Joan M. Smith
Marice Z. and Jervy W. Smith
Edward J. Soboczenski
Tige T. Stading and Brian J. Younger
Joseph and Carol C. Stern
Kathleen Stetson
Michael E. and Debbie Sullivan
Alvin Keith Swisher
Steven M. and Joyce E. Tadler
David A. Talman
John E. and Susan E. Tavela
Jacqueline H. Thompson
Tri-County Banjo Band
Carlos Ulloa, Jr.
Francis S. Urbany
Walter P. Urzan
Clarice R. Vasicek
Tasha M. Vincent
Elizabeth Vorenberg
Michael and Anna Vranos
Kalina Warren
Rolf T. and Elizabeth B. Weberg
Harold Wells
Paul S. and Jane R. Wolansky
Carol Wolin

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts help the Harvard Stem Cell Institute sustain programs that are central to its mission. Thank you to those supporters who chose to remember a loved one through a memorial gift. Those who were memorialized with gifts to the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013, are listed below.

Margaret Aertsen
Deborah A. Davis
Alan David Engelsman
James Fisk, Jr.
James Fisk, Sr.
G. Peabody Gardner, Jr.
Leon M. Golub
William G. Harris
N. Harold Johnson
Helen McKenna
Arthur G. Siler
Alison M. Urzan