Immunology is increasingly important in stem cell biology, perhaps most notably in diabetes research.

HSCI receives grant from the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to help advance type 1 diabetes research

February 8, 2022

Douglas Melton, Co-Director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), has received a financial grant from His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. The grant will bolster HSCI research focusing on accelerating gene editing approaches for pancreatic beta cell replacement therapy.

According to the World Health Organization, about 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, and 1.6 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year. Both the number of cases and the prevalence of diabetes have been steadily increasing over the past few...

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Gut-brain connection in autism

January 7, 2022

Harvard and MIT researchers identify possible mechanism linking autism and intestinal inflammation

Many people with autism spectrum disorders also experience unusual gastrointestinal inflammation, but thus far scientists have not established whether and how those conditions might be linked.

Now, Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) researchers at Harvard Medical School, along with MIT researchers, may have found the missing link: infections during pregnancy can lead to high levels of the inflammatory signaling molecule interleukin-17a (...

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Assassinating cancer

November 1, 2018

Mario Suva and Ramesh Shivdasani are tackling some of the toughest, meanest cancers to clear a path to better treatments.

  • Suva and Shivdasani are using every approach in their arsenal to figure out what makes cancer cells arise from healthy tissue.
  • Armed with enough new knowledge about how cancer arises, they want to take truer aim at cancer cells, the cancer cell lineage, and factors that make cells go awry.
  • Their new approach to cancer management would combine gene and cell therapies to kill the cancer...
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Cell therapy for all

November 1, 2018

Chad Cowan is on a quest for the universal donor, which would make cell therapy available to populations – not just individuals.

  • Harvard scientist Chad Cowan aims to make off-the-shelf cellular products, and democratize access to new medicines.
  • His lab is working to make cellular therapies that can work for anyone, not just a single patient. 
  • Their ambitious goal is to modify therapeutic cells that can be transplanted into many people, without being rejected.


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