Support stem cell research - Watch a music video

May 19, 2014

In 2009, musician Neil Brewer and his bandmates released Neil Brewer and Friends are Back in School, a collection of ten kid-friendly tunes that recall the joy--and challenges--of, for example, waiting at the bus stop or participating in group sports. All of the proceeds received by the band for the album are donated to the HSCI for muscular dystrophy research, as are proceeds for their live performances.

Over the years, Brewer has teamed up with a range of artists to create animated music videos that bring the band's songs to life. In this latest release, 'Dodgeball,' the fourth track on the album, UK animator Sasha Dale combines hand-drawn images with watercolor to show off the fierceness of one particularly competitive ball player.

Brewer teaches undergraduate and graduate education courses at Indiana University Southeast when he is not performing throughout the nation--whether for students of all ages, professional development, or other educational events. Learn more at, or watch some more recent videos below:

Sometimes Santa

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