Call for Nominations: Special HSCI Award

December 20, 2019

Special HSCI Award honoring the legacy of Kin Ping Lee (mother of William, JD | Thomas, MD | Richard, MD)

HSCI is pleased to announce a special funding opportunity for up to three qualified postdoctoral fellows/non-ladder faculty currently working in HSCI-affiliated labs.

Due to the generosity of William, Thomas, and Richard Lee, funds have been made available for candidates who fit precise criteria. The award is structured to honor the legacy of their mother, an immigrant to the United Stated who exemplified resilience, tenacity and compassion while pursuing a career and devoting herself to the care of her children. We are asking our Faculty to help us identify candidates who fit these criteria. Our intention is to issue these awards on or about February 14, 2020.

Award amount

$8,500.00 per candidate

Criteria (must fit all 4)

  1. Female postdoctoral fellow/non-ladder faculty in an HSCI-affiliated lab
  2. Immigrant to the United States – permanent resident or on a visa with an indication that she wishes to pursue a scientific career in the U.S.
  3. Raising one or more children
  4. Demonstrated commitment to excellence in pursuing a scientific career


Please forward the name(s) of a qualified candidate, if you are able, along with a brief description of her immigrant story, her research, and your rationale for submitting her candidacy, to Maureen Herrmann ( by Friday, January 10, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (EST).

Review and decision

The submissions will be reviewed by the HSCI Executive Committee at their mid-January meeting. The review will be based on the fidelity of the submissions to the selection criteria. The HSCI reserves the right not to make an award in this cycle.

HSCI will announce any winners in mid-February, 2020.