Diabetes Program

Cell therapy for all

November 1, 2018

Chad Cowan is on a quest for the universal donor, which would make cell therapy available to populations – not just individuals.

  • Harvard scientist Chad Cowan aims to make off-the-shelf cellular products, and democratize access to new medicines.
  • His lab is working to make cellular therapies that can work for anyone, not just a single patient. 
  • Their ambitious goal is to modify therapeutic cells that can be transplanted into many people, without being rejected.


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Funding Opportunity: Joslin Diabetes Center 2018 Pilot & Feasibility Grants

August 28, 2017

Applications for 2018 Joslin Pilot & Feasibility grants now open to all Harvard/Affiliates.

The goal of the Pilot and Feasibility Study Program is to encourage research on diabetes and its complications by two target groups: young researchers in these fields who have not yet received significant NIH or other funding, and seasoned investigators either entering the diabetes field for the first time or exploring a completely new direction.

The program has been highly successful since its inception. Projects funded in past years...

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How insulin-producing cells show their age

April 6, 2017

Adapted from a Joslin Diabetes Center press release

Diabetes researchers have puzzled for decades about why insulin-producing beta cells in one pancreatic islet often look and behave quite differently than their counterparts in the same islet or in nearby islets. Using newly identified cellular markers of aging, Joslin Diabetes Center scientists now have shown that this diversity may be driven at least in part by differently aged beta cell populations within the pancreas. 

Additionally, the Joslin team demonstrated that the aging of beta cells, with associated losses of...

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