2013 HSCI call for proposals – Kidney Program pilot grants

September 11, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 5:00 p.m. EST

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) Kidney Program invites applications for Pilot Grant funding for 2013. The purpose of this funding program is to provide resources for research in adult kidney disease with the goal of developing new therapeutic strategies. As such, a critical component is the translatability of the research project. This may take many forms, and does not require human subjects research, however thought should be given as to how funds will be utilized to ultimately bring new therapies to the clinic. Preference will be given to projects focused on the adult kidney for which current funding sources are not available, and where clinical potential is high. This funding is for groundbreaking, innovative, high- impact research projects that could fundamentally enhance biomedical research around proximal tubule and associated components of the kidney. In this round, HSCI may fund up to:

Two Pilot Grants: these are for single-investigator projects which will be funded at a maximum of $83,333 direct costs per year for up to two years. Depending on applicants’ institutional policy, up to 20% indirect costs (TDC basis) may be budgeted additionally. Budgets must include effort committed by all personnel even if salary is not requested (PI must commit effort).

One Development Grant: this is for a single-investigator project which will be funded at a maximum of $30,000 direct costs for one year. Depending on applicant’s institutional policy, up to 20% indirect costs (TDC basis) may be budgeted additionally.

In keeping with the HSCI’s collaborative mission, the Kidney Program is keen to review proposals that seek to leverage the findings of researchers working in areas recently supported by the HSCI. These areas include 1) developing mouse and fish models of proximal tubule injury; 2) developing a set of transgenic tools for marking and manipulating genes in the proximal tubule, and 3) functionally assessing the role of pericytes in tubular regeneration and interstitial fibrosis. However, the HSCI Kidney Program encourages and welcomes applicants who are not now members of the HSCI community, as well as research proposals that do not overlap with and/or complement currently funded projects. All proposals received will be reviewed primarily on the basis of their individual scientific merit.

The number of grants awarded will depend on the number and quality of proposals submitted and the availability of funding. HSCI reserves the right not to fund any project. Decisions regarding the appropriate level of funding for any project will be made by the review committee, and will take into consideration the availability of other funding sources. For projects that are awarded funding for two years, the second year of funding is dependent on the achievement of the milestones specified for the first year, and will be at the discretion of the review committee.

It is understood that any tool or reagent generated as part of an HSCI Kidney Program funded grant will be available for sharing with the wider HSCI community.

Click here for more details, including the application, submission and review processes.

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