Neil Brewer and Friends are back in school

During the past year, the talented Neil Brewer has continued to perform in schools, on stage, and at special events for educators, students, and the general public. But his performances do more than delight audiences with poetry and music associated with school experiences, because the entire proceeds from his CDs and shows are donated to HSCI to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy.

Brewer’s new CD, Neil Brewer and Friends are Back in School, can be ordered online through his website, The children’s music, books, toys, and culture website Out With the Kids called the album “An acoustic time capsule. Thoughtful reflections of a funnier, simpler time.”

It goes on to describe Neil Brewer and Friends Are Back in School as “a warm, thoughtful, and fantastic album, the creation of which is rooted in philanthropy, love, and hope. This is a CD you and your family should really consider buying, not only because you will, more than likely, enjoy the music but because through your purchase you’ll be helping to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy.”