Moffitt and Cantor Lab: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Moffitt and Cantor Laboratories
Bone Marrow Spatial Transcriptomics to Enhance In Vitro Platelet Production
Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Job description

The Moffitt lab focuses on development and utilization of in situ single-molecule imaging methods to further understand tissue architecture, developmental signaling, and novel cell type identification. The Cantor lab specializes in hematopoiesis and platelet production.

This joint project will develop and apply Multiplexed Error-robust Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (MERFISH) to the mouse and human bone marrow to further understand how megakaryocytes generate platelets in the context of their native microenvironment. This knowledge will then be applied to enhance in vitro platelet production from induced pluripotent stem cells (hIPSCs) for transfusion purposes. The candidate will also interact with the Allon Klein’s laboratory at HMS to develop and correlate scRNA-seq and in situ transcriptomic datasets. The candidate will be jointly advised by Dr. Moffitt and Dr. Cantor and will have the opportunity to learn and develop a cutting-edge spatial transcriptomics tool while substantially advancing our understanding of bone micro-environment and its critical role in the important process of platelet production and stem cell biology.

Job Requirements

Candidates should have recently (within ~1 year) obtained a PhD or an MD/PhD degree in the fields of Computational Biology, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Development, or Genetics. The candidate should have evidence of prior productive scientific work in the form of publications in peer-reviewed journals. Prior experience in computational biology, scRNAseq, and/or other “-omics” type approaches is strongly preferred. U.S. citizenship or Permanent Resident status (i.e., “Green Card” holders) is not necessary, but is favored.


Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter describing their background and research interests to and Candidates should also arrange for two letters of recommendation, which may be requested.