Melton Lab: Genome Editing Manager

We seek an experienced and rigorous stem cell biologist and genetic engineer to lead efforts and oversee operations of genome editing of pluripotent stem cells to further the research goals of multiple projects in the Melton Lab

Job-Specific Responsibilities

This individual will implement the best CRISPR design and targeting strategy for each project (knock-out, knock-in or gene reporter) and will test new or alterative techniques to improve the generation of genetically modified ES/iPS lines. This person is actively involved in the design and generation of gene targeting vectors using recombinant DNA technology. The successful candidate will perform quality control of the engineered cell lines and perform directed differentiation towards the beta cell lineage. Works closely with the foundry team to improve cell production of the genetically modified lines, generate standard operating procedures for differentiation and expand and distribute the engineered pluripotent stem cell line. Trains new personnel, assigns projects and oversee the day to day activities of the assigned research staff. In addition, they will work closely with a group of talented graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to help design and construct cell lines. Hence, this role requires, in addition to technical expertise in stem cell culture and gene editing, effective communication with multiple personnel and excellent critical thinking and organizational skills.

Basic Qualifications

PhD degree in molecular biology or closely related field. A minimum of seven years of extensive directly related research are required. 

Additional Qualifications and Skills

The successful applicant will be a well-organized team player with stem cell tissue culture and CRISPR modification of pluripotent cell lines experience.
PhD in cell biology or related field with a focus on developmental and stem cell biology, and have a record of postdoctoral research accomplishments and publications.  

Additional Information

This is a two year grant funded term position with the possibility of extension based on satisfactory performance and continued availability of funding.

We invite individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities to be a part of our community.


To see more information and apply for the position, please visit the Harvard Careers website.