Media Mentions 2014

December 2014

12/17/14 An article in Bloomberg Business features HSCI Principal Faculty member Adam Cohen and his work studying neurons.

12/10/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Alex Meissner is among a group of stem cell biologists studying mechanisms behind cellular reprogramming featured in Nature.

November 2014

11/23/14 2012 HSCI Internship Program participant Elliot Akama-Garren is the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship, MIT News announces.

11/10/14 The Greater Kashmir does a Q&A with HSCI Principal Faculty member Khalid Shah.

11/6/14 Boston ABC News Affiliate WCVB tells the story of HSCI and MIT researchers who are working together to find cures for muscle diseases.

11/6/14 HSCI Affiliate Faculty member Sangmi Chung shows that human stem cells can reduce seizures in epileptic mice.
Featured: CIRM's Stem Cellar, Epilepsy Research UK, Fox News, Harvard Medical School, QMI, Stem Cells Portal

11/6/14 HSCI Principal Faculty members Chad Cowan and Derrick Rossi collaborate to make the first CRISPR/Cas9 edits to human blood stem cells.
Featured: BCH Vector Blog, Bioscience Technology, FierceBiotechResearch, FIGO, Harvard Crimson, Harvard Gazette, iflscience, Quartz, TIME, Times of India

October 2014

10/24/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Khalid Shah engineers toxin-secreting stem cells that kill brain cancer cells.
Featured: BBC News, BetaWired, CIRM Stem Cellar, Examiner, FierceBiotech Research, Fierce Drug Delivery, the Financialist, Gizmag, Greater Kashmir, iflscience, Independent, International Business Times, Johns Hopkins News-Letter, Medical Daily, Medical News Today, Mic, Newsy, NHS Choices, Popular Science, RT, Skeptics' Guide, Stem Cells Portal, Times of India, Voice of Russia, Youth Health Mag

10/15/14 The SCOPE blog highlights the collaborative work on epitranscriptomics between Stanford's Howard Chang and HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Cosmas Giallourakis.

10/11/14 Washington Post editorial argues that stem-cell research’s potential is worth supporting, in light of recent diabetes advance by HSCI Co-director Doug Melton.

10/9/14 HSCI Co-director Doug Melton announces that he can produce functioning, human insulin-producing beta cells from embryonic stem cells in the the kind of massive quantities needed for cell transplantation and pharmaceutical purposes.
Featured: A Sweet Life, Aftonbladet, ANI, AllAfrica, The Australian, BBC, Belfast Telegraph, BetaWired, Bloomberg Business Week, Boston Globe, Catholic Online, CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning: Saturday, CIRM's Stem Cellar, Counsel&Heal, Diabetes Insider,, diaTribe, FierceDrugDelivery, Harvard Crimson, Harvard Gazette, Harvard Magazine, Health24, HealthDay, i24News, Inquisitr, Irish Examiner, Maine News, Medical Daily, Medical News Today, Medscape, Mic, National Geographic, Nature News, Nature Reviews, NHS Choices, NPR, RawStory, RT,, Science, Science Alert, The Scientist, SiliconRepublic, SkyNews, Tech Times, TIME, Times of India, UK Guardian, UK Independent, UK Telegraph, UpRoxx, Utah People's Post, Washington Post, WBUR, WebMD UK

10/7/14 Stem Cell Assays, a blog that promotes rigorous responsible research on stem cells, analyzes a groundbreaking stem cell barcoding technology developed by HSCI Principal Faculty member Fernando Camargo. The full story is reported by Medical News Today and Hematology Times.

10/2/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Yick Wah Fong comments in Chemical & Engineering News on Tufts University study looking at whether magnetic fields can affect cellular reprogramming.

September 2014

9/29/14 The Washington Post reports on the history of using blood transfusions to reverse the damage of age-related diseases. The GDF11 research of HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers is featured.

9/25/14 The Japan News highlights HSCI's collaborative approach to stem cell science and the Institute's predominant influence on regenerative medicine. HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley is interviewed.

9/24/14 HSCI Cardiovascular Program Head Richard Lee comments in Chemical and Engineering News on a heart matrix nanogel developed by Emory University School of Medicine researchers.

9/15/14 The New York Times features the HSCI in an article about the trials of stem cell therapy. HSCI Co-director David Scadden and Principal Faculty member Kevin Eggan are quoted.

9/12/14 Science Magazine profiles HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers and her work on rejuvenating factors in young blood.

9/11/14 HSCI Co-director David Scadden discovers that blood cancer cells cannot handle changes in metabolism as well as their normal stem cell counterparts, opening up a unique, non-toxic strategy to treat leukemia.
Featured: CIRM's Stem Cellar, Europa Pressiflscience, Harvard Gazette, Med IndiaMedical Daily

August 2014

8/18/14 Forbes asks the question, where will the #ALSIceBucketChallenge funds go? HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Eggan's ALS research is highlighted. MIT Technology Review also asks how ALS research can benefit from a flood of new funding.

8/6/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Eggan identifies a clue for how ALS works, suggesting a new strategy for targeting the disease.
Featured: Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, DNA Science Blog, Harvard Gazette, MedPage Today

July 2014

7/30/14 2014 HSCI Internship Program participants featured in their community publications: California State University, Northridge, senior Caroline Arellano-Garcia in CSUN Today, the San Fernando Valley Sun, and Hispanic Business; Loughborough University engineering student Elizabeth Cheeseman in the EPSRC News; Harvard University senior Ernie Doherty in the Woburn Advocate and Woburn Patch; Cornell University senior Mike Fort in the Portsmouth Herald; Harvey Mudd College junior Max Frenkel in Harvey Mudd News; U. Mass. Lowell senior Richard Giadone in the Lowell Sun; Harvard University senior Stephanie Hadley in the Hopkinton Patch; University of Notre Dame senior Jonathan Jou in the Observer; Harvard University junior Kameron Kooshesh in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat; Harvard University senior Yanick Mulumba in the Lusaka Times and Open Zambia, Yale University junior Adam Pissaris in the Coral Springs Talk; Bucknell University junior Sophia Reeder in the 'ray Bucknell blog and the Williamsport Sun-Gazette; St. Olaf College senior Alexa Roemmich in St. Olaf News; Harvard University sophomore Jamasb Sayadi in the Orange County Register; and Carleton College junior Bing Shui in Carleton News.

7/21/14 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gets a comment from HSCI Principal Faculty member Derrik Rossi about a new method to turn stem cells into blood cells developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers.

7/18/14 Constantina Christodoulou, a postdoc in the lab of HSCI Principal Faculty member Fernando Camargo is featured in the Famagusta Gazette and inCyprus for her part in a study on liver cell dedifferentiation.

7/17/14 HSCI Executive Committee member Carla Kim does a Q&A with the Boston Children's Hospital Technology & Innovation Development Office.

7/17/14 Science News for Kids features recent blood factor and aging studies, including that of HSCI Executive Committee member Lee Rubin.

7/15/14 The Harvard Gazette reports on a new tool developed by HSCI Principal Faculty member Adam Cohen that allows researchers to stimulate neurons and observe their signals in real time.

7/8/14 HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley comments in New Scientist on the case of a stem cell clinical trial that caused a nasal growth in a 28-year-old woman's back.

7/7/14 The July issue of Capital magazine discusses how discovery science is fueled increasingly, by donors. The article includes comments by HSCI Co-director David Scadden.

7/3/14 GEN explains how a 'buddy system' improves mesenchymal stem cell transplants, a discovery by HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Juan Melero-Martin. Article featured on the Boston Children's Hospital Vector blog and the CIRM blog.

7/2/14 HSCI Affiliated Faculty members Natasha Frank and Markus Frank find a way to purify limbal stem cells, an easily translatable discovery that may improve human corneal transplants.
Featured: BBC, Fox News, Harvard Gazette, Medical Daily, Medical News Today, NHS Choices, Optometry Today, RedOrbit,, TIME, Times of India, UK Daily Mail

June 2014

6/30/14 The Scientist includes the HSCI iPS Core facility in an article about the business challenges of induced pluripotent stem cell banks.

6/26/14 HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers, PhD, talks to the Connecticut Post about healthy, and happy, aging.

6/22/14 The Courier-Journal reports on the increasing use of induced pluripotent stem cells and its impact on the embryonic stem cell debate, with input from HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley.

6/17/14 A Sweet Life speaks with HSCI Principal Faculty member Gordon Weir about the possibility of using islet cell transplants for type 2 diabetes.

6/17/14 A feature story on finding drugs for psychiatric illnesses in MIT Technology Review includes comments from HSCI Principal Faculty member Steve Hyman, who has helped lead the search since his time as director of the National Institute of Mental Health.

6/16/14 HSCI Co-director Doug Melton addresses the Harvard Management Company during a celebration of its 40th anniversary, reports the Harvard Gazette.

6/14/14 Simon Fraser University student newspaper The Peak profiles current HSCI Internship Program participant Jasleen Grewal.

6/12/14 Harvard Medical School does a personal Q&A with HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley.

6/10/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Kiran Musunuru develops a “genome editing” approach for permanently reducing cholesterol levels in mice with a single injection.
Featured: UK BioNews, Bloomberg Business Week, domain-b, Harvard Gazette, Healthline, International Business Times, Medical Daily, Press Trust of India, ScienceWorldReport, the Scotsman, der Spiegel, Tech Times, TIME, UK Daily Mail, UK Telegraph

6/9/13 HSCI Executive Director Brock Reeve answers questions about scientific collaboration for the Methuselah Foundation.

6/5/14 Boston Children's Hospital Vector blog, iflscience and the UK Daily Mail cover discovery by HSCI Principal Faculty member Fernando Camargo of biological “switch” that reverts mature liver cells into stem cells.

6/4/14 The Boston Globe reports that four scientists emerge from local 'shark tank' as winners, including HSCI Kidney Program leader Benjamin Humphreys, MD, PhD, Principal Faculty member Jeff Karp, PhD, and Affiliated Faculty member Tracy Young-Pearse, PhD.

May 2014

5/29/14 The Harvard Gazette tells the story of how the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, initially just an idea, quickly became a generator of scientific discoveries. The magazine also highlights HSCI's recent GDF11 papers as 2013-14 milestones for the University.

5/28/14 Incoming HSCI Internship Program participant Jasleen Grewal, who will help conduct research at the Harvard School of Public Health under HSCI Principal Faculty member Winston Hide, is profiled by the Link Newspaper.

5/28/14 The Harvard Gazette covers the Star Family Challenge awards, which funds work that would not otherwise be funded, but would have a large potential impact. HSCI Principal Faculty member Richard Lee was one of the recipients and HSCI Co-director Doug Melton chairs the award committee.

5/21/14 GEN explores the many ways scientists are building bioficial organs, including mention of HSCI Principal Faculty members Kevin Kit Parker and William Pu's work modeling "heart disease-on-a-chip."

5/16/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Khalid Shah finds that encapsulating oncolytic herpes virus-filled stem cells in a biocompatible gel improves their effectiveness against brain tumors.
Featured: Asian News International, Bioresearch Online, CIRM, FierceDrugDelivery, GEN, Journal of the National Cancer Institute's audio interviews, Lunatic Laboratories blog, Medical Daily, the Positive,

5/14/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Eggan comes on the Stem Cell Podcast to talk about his latest work using stem cells to cure ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease.

5/11/14 A cross-Harvard collaboration including HSCI Principal Faculty members Kevin Kit Parker and William Pu leads to the first instance of human stem cells, from patients with Barth syndrome, being used to model 'heart disease-on-a-chip.'
Featured: Bioresearch Online, Boston Children's Hospital Vector Blog, CIRM, Digital Journal, FierceBiotech Research, Harvard Gazette, iflscience, Medical Daily, Popular Science, the Scientist

5/8/14 University of Notre Dame profiles junior biological sciences major and incoming 2014 HSCI Internship Program participant Jonathan Jou.  

5/8/14 The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine announces a UK-US collaboration with HSCI's Stembook to create a chapter on regenerative medicine manufacturing tools and technologies.

5/4/14 HSCI Executive Committee members Amy Wagers and Lee Rubin published two papers in Science showing that a protein called GDF11, found in both mice and humans, reverses signs of aging in the mouse brain and muscles.
Featured: AARP Blog, AlJazeera America (video), Associated Press, Atlantic Journal-Constitution, Boston Globe, CBC.caCBS News (video), CBS New York (video), Channel 4 News UK (video), CNN (video), Corante, the Daily Beast, Examiner (Hartford), Examiner (Seattle), ExtremeTech, FierceBiotech, Free Press Journal, Gawker, GEN, Gizmag, Gizmodo, Gothamist, the Guardian, Guardian Liberty Voice, h+ Magazine, Harvard Gazette, Headline & Global News, Here and Now, Huffington Post,, International Business Times, io9, Joslin Diabetes blog, Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell blog, LA Times, Medical Daily, MedPage Today, MIT Technology Review, Mod Vive, MotherBoard, National Geographic, National Post, NBC News, New Scientist, New York Times, Newsy (video),,, PolicyMic, Reuters, Salon, Science Now, the Scientist, Slate, Tech Times, the Telegraph, Times of India, United Press International, USA Today, the Verge, The Virginian-Pilot, Voice of America, Voice of Russia,, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, WBUR, the Week, the West Side Story,

April 2014

4/30/14 Bioscience Technology highlights recent papers showing that stress may naturally make stem cells of mature cells, including work by HSCI Principal Faculty member Jayaraj Rajagopal and Kidney Program Leader Benjamin Humphreys.

4/30/14 HSCI Cardiovascular Program Leader Richard Lee comments in the Seattle Times on the successful regeneration of heart muscle in monkeys by University of Washington researchers.

4/30/14 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Chief of Nephrology and HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Martin Pollak is elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

4/28/14 The Worcester Business Journal profiles Advanced Cell Technology, with comments from HSCI Executive Director Brock Reeve.

4/28/14 HSCI scientists are quoted about New York Stem Cell Foundation research in which stem cells were made by cloning two patients with type 1 diabetes. HSCI Co-director Doug Melton appears in NBC News and the Associated Press, and HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley appears in the Scientist.

4/27/14 The Greek daily To Vima profiles the ALS research being done by HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Eggan and Postdoctoral Fellow Evangelos Kiskinis. [In Greek]

4/24/14 The Harvard Gazette, CIRM, and der Spiegel feature work by HSCI Principal Faculty member Derrick Rossi on the creation of induced blood-forming stem cells in mice.

4/22/14 does a Q&A with Postdoctoral Fellow Evangelos Kiskinis, a member of the Eggan Lab, about his work on ALS. [In Greek]

4/18/14 HSCI Nervous Systems Diseases Program Co-leader Paola Arlotta and her team discover that myelin may be more complex than once thought, a find that is "likely to spark new concepts about how information is transmitted and integrated in the brain."
Featured: Galileo, Guardian, Guardian Liberty Voice, Harvard Gazette, Science Recorder, der Spiegel

4/14/14 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant and Juniata College senior Andrew Maul receives National Institutes of Health's Post-Baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award.

4/3/14 iPS cell-derived motor neurons from ALS patients point to a common problem among different forms of the disease. An FDA approved epilepsy drug addresses the problem in a dish, leading directly to clinical trials. The work was led by HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Eggan and Nervous System Diseases Program Co-leader Clifford Woolf.
Featured: BioNews-Texas, Boston Children's Hospital Vector Blog, Broad Institute, DNA Science Blog, CIRM, Harvard Gazette, ScienceWorldReport

4/1/14 Postdoctoral fellow Myron Ignatius who studies the childhood muscle cancer rhabdomyosarcoma in the lab of HSCI Principal Faculty member David Langenau is the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation's featured researcher for April 2014.

March 2014

3/28/14 Oncology Nurse Advisor and MedIndia covers research by HSCI Principal Faculty David Langenau showing that a common mutation causes relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

3/21/14 The Stem Cell Podcast interviews HSCI Executive Committee chair Leonard Zon about his work using zebrafish as a model to study cancer and melanoma.

3/21/14 A study image from HSCI Principal Faculty member David Langenau's lab was chosen as the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre's Biomedical Picture of the Day.

3/19/14 GEN examines HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Kit Parker's claim that “no standardized guidelines currently exist for the evaluation of stem cell-derived myocyte functionality."

3/19/14 University of Coimbra science podcast Caminhos da Investigação interviews HSCRB graduate student Leonardo Ferreira on stem cells and immunity. [In Portuguese]

3/13/14 Two incoming HSCI Internship Program participants are featured in their school publications: Jasleen Grewal at Simon Fraser University and Duy Nguyen at Central Piedmont Community College.

3/9/14 New Scientist reports on the first test to predict Alzheimer's disease years in advance with comments from HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Tracy Young-Pearse.

3/6/14 For the first time, standards to judge 'good' commercially available stem cells are developed by HSCI Principal Faculty member Kevin Kit Parker.
Featured: CIRM, GEN, Harvard Gazette

3/4/14 HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Tracy Young-Pearse shows how iPS cells from early-onset Alzheimer's patients can be used to learn more about the disease and test therapeutics.
Featured: Bioresearch Online, GEN, Harvard Crimson, Harvard Gazette

February 2014

2/24/14 HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Albert Edge sheds light on which cells specifically become new sound-sensing cells in mammalian hearing loss.
Featured: Boston Globe, Medical Daily, Science Now

2/19/14 The Harvard Gazette describes the surprising translation, discovered by HSCI Principal Faculty members Wolfram Goessling and Trista North, of basic liver regeneration research to acetaminophen overdose.

2/17/14 The Boston Globe talks to three HSCI scientists about recent advances and how Harvard has helped change the field of cell biology.

2/6/14 HSCI Executive Committee chair Leonard Zon weighs in on debate over new stem cell technique developed by Affiliated Faculty member Charles Vacanti in the Boston Globe.

2/2/14 HSCI Principal Faculty member Alexander Schier finds early developmental signal hidden among "non-coding" RNA, reports the Harvard Gazette.

January 2014

1/29/14 Harvard and Japanese researchers, including HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Charles Vacanti, develop a new technique that stresses mature cells to generate embryonic-like stem cells, called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) cells.
Featured: BioEdge, Boston Globe, CNN Health, Guardian, Independent, Japan Daily Press, Kyodo News, Los Angeles Times, Medical Daily, New York Times, Reuters, Sydney Morning Herald, The Blaze, USA Today

1/28/14 Research collaborators HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers and Principal Faculty member Richard Lee comment on "what makes scientists tick" on the TechKnow blog, part of Al Jazeera America.

1/22/14 The Harvard Gazette tells the story of a collaboration between HSCI Principal Faculty members John Rinn and Paola Arlotta to find functional genes hidden among "junk" RNA.

1/12/14 MedpageToday speaks with HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Albert Lam about recent work generating kidney cells from stem cells.

1/9/14 GEN features work by HSCI Principal Faculty member John Rinn on the ‘unexpected complexity’ of the human transcriptome.

1/614 HSCI Blood Program Leader Daniel Tenen is interviewed by Oncology Central [subscription only].