Media Mentions 2013

December 2013

12/22/13 Co-discoverers of GDF-11, HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers and Cardiovascular Program Leader Richard Lee are Boston Globe Magazine's honorable mentions for 2013 Bostonians of the Year.

12/19/13 HSCI Executive Committee Chair Leonard Zon talks how zebrafish can model human disease in December Cell Podcast.

12/19/13 A profile on 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant and Grand Valley State University senior Craig Russo was featured on GVNow.

12/11/13 HSCI Executive Director Brock Reeve is quoted by Bloomberg regarding CIRM's strategy to quickly push forward on clinical trials

12/10/13 A Sweet Life features beta cell work by HSCI Principal Faculty member Susan Bonner-Weir, as well as some insight into Type I diabetes by HSCI Co-director Douglas Melton.

12/6/13 2012 HSCI Internship Program participant and Cornell University senior Samantha Olyha wins Marshall Scholarship to pursue graduate studies at Oxford University.

November 2013

11/30/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member John Rinn finds evidence that so-called "junk" DNA are actually proper genes after all.
Featured: The Economist

11/29/13 An article on Douglas Melton's diabetes work and partnerships with industry was FierceBiotech's fifth most popular story of the year.

11/26/13 The Boston Business Journal Health Care blog covers HSCI Principal Faculty member Ole Isacson's visit to Pope Francis during a conference on neurodegenerative diseases.

11/23/13 2011 HSCI Internship Program participant Nouran Abdelfattah is profiled by Gates Cambridge, who awarded her a scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

11/7/13 HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley finds that reactivating a dormant gene enhances mice's healing abilities.
Featured: CNet, DailyTech, Fox News, Gizmodo India, GMA News, The Independent, Innovation Trail, Scientific American, Slate

11/7/13 A collaboration of HSCI scientists, including HSCI Executive Committee members Leonard Zon and Amy Wagers, use chemicals found in zebrafish to more quickly differentiate human stem cells into muscle cells.
Featured: Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Crimson, Harvard Gazette

11/6/13 Bioscience Technology profiles the heterochronic parabiosis work by HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers.

October 2013

10/18/13 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant Katherine Moravec, who spent her summer in the laboratory of HSCI Principal Faculty member, is profiled by her university, the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

10/14/13 For Science Tuesday, the Daily Free Press, Boston University's student newspaper, features HSCI Principal Faculty member Jeffrey Karp's research engineering stem cells to become drug delivery vehicles.

10/11/13 The Harvard Gazette and Harvard Crimson feature an HSCI clinical trial made possible by a collaboration between HSCI Executive Committee Chair Leonard Zon, Affiliated Faculty member Corey Cutler, and Fate Therapeutics, Inc.

10/10/13 Penn News spotlights 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant Rakesh Goli, who discusses how his summer in the laboratory of HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Da-Zhi Wang developed his love for scientific research.

10/2/13 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant Marissa Suchyta appears in a photo gallery by the Harvard Gazette featuring scientific collaboration at Harvard.

10/7/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Jeffrey Karp engineers stem cells into targeted drug delivery factories. He shows the technique can be used to reduce inflammation in a mouse model.
Featured: FierceDrugDelivery, GEN, Softpedia

September 2013

9/26/13 NBC Latino quotes HSCI Co-director David Scadden, who advises extreme caution to people drawn to Latin American clinics for "stem cell tourism."

9/18/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Konrad Hochedlinger speaks to HeathDay about the discovery of a molecule that blocks adult cells from turning into induced pluripotent stem cells.

9/16/13 HSCI Director of Communications B.D. Colen comments on Harvard Stem Cell Institute/Evotec AG CureMN collaboration to the Boston Herald.

9/12/13 Bloomberg reports Evotec AG gain after announcing ALS collaboration with Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

9/11/13 The Scientist speaks with HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley about a new technique to create induced pluripotent stem cells within live mice.

9/9/13 HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley comments on stem cell tourism in the New York Times.

August 2013

8/29/13 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant Chavely Valdes Sanchez writes about her experience studying zebrafish to understand cardiac disease for FIU News.

8/28/13 The CIRM Blog highlights work by HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, who coaxed induced pluripotent stem cells to differentiate into the cells that line the blood vessels by mimicking the forces associated with blood flow.

8/28/13 The Harvard Gazette cites HSCI Co-director Douglas Melton as an example of Harvard faculty entrepreneurship, a push led by Harvard' Office of Technology Development.

8/26/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Ole Isacson talks to USA Today about a University of Pennsylvania study on predicting Parkinson's disease.

8/12/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Kornelia Polyak discovers that a woman's individual breast cancer risk is linked to her mammary gland progeneitor cell count, and is developing a test that could soon be available in the clinic.
Featured: Digital Journal, Global News, Harvard Gazette,, Medical News Today,, Onco'Zine, Parent HeraldScience World Report

8/5/13 The El Paso Times profiles 2013 HSCI Internship Program participant Rebecca Soto, who is working to eradicate leukemia through stem cells. Program director William Lensch is also quoted. On 9/5/13, Soto was also featured in an article on summer internships by the University of Texas at El Paso.

8/1/13 2013 HSCI Internship Program participants featured in their community publications: Harvard University senior Rayhnuma Ahmed in the Gwinnett Business Journal; Hiram College senior Laila Almassri in the Hiram College News; Sabanci University third year Can Aztekin in the GazeteSU; University of California, Berkeley, senior Prithvi Bomdica in the Tri-City Voice; Harvard University junior Jennifer Chen in the San Jose Mercury Times; Purdue junior Isaura Frost in the Purdue Exponent; Mount Holyoke College junior Elizabeth Laudadio in MHC Today; College of William and Mary junior Meghan Montoya in the Los Alamos Daily Post and the Los Alamos Monitor; San Diego State University senior Jerrell Tisnado in the SDSU Newscenter and LaMesa-MountHelix Patch; and Harvard University junior Maxwell Zacher in the Arlington Patch.

July 2013

7/31/13 A cross-country collaboration between HSCI Executive Committee member Amy Wagers and University of California, San Francisco, scientist Emmanuelle Passegué leads to the discovery that leukemia stem cells remodel the bone marrow in order to spread disease.
Featured: CIRM blog, Harvard Gazette, Hematology Times, Medical Daily, Science Today Podcast

7/16/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Khalid Shah speaks with the Daily Rising Kashmir about his vision for bringing stem cell-based therapies for cancer to Kashmir.

7/10/13 From  MedPageToday: Better ways to manage cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients could be the result of work by HSCI Affiliated Faculty member George King, who identified a link between a protein, PKC beta, and atherosclerosis.

7/8/13 Research by HSCI Principal Faculty member Pier Paolo Pandolfi and his collaborators identify a tiny non-coding molecule associated with metastasis in breast and blood cancers, reports Harvard Medical School.

7/3/13 Japanese scientists use human stem cells to create "liver buds" that function like human livers when transplanted into mice. HSCI Executive Committee Member Leonard Zon comments in the New York Times, WBUR and Science Fare quote HSCI Principal Faculty member Chad Cowan, and HSCI Executive Committee Member George Daley is interviewed by WAMC.

7/3/13 Nature News speaks to HSCI Principal Faculty member Harald Ott about the challenges of heart bioengineering.

7/2/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Gregory Verdine has been named CEO of Cambridge life sciences company Warp Drive Bio.
Featured: Boston Business Journal, Boston Globe, Fierce Biotech, Xconomy

7/1/13 MedPageToday features work by HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Steven Shoelson showing that aspirin-like drugs help patients with type 2 diabetes obtain better glycemic control.

7/1/13 HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Raghu Kalluri is among a team of researchers that have pinpointed the sources of fibrosis-promoting cells that ravage organs, reports MD Anderson Cancer Center.

June 2013

6/17/13 The Associated Press quotes HSCI Principal Faculty member Harald Ott in a feature on growing organs in the laboratory.

6/17/13 Harvard President Drew Faust uses the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology to illustrate the ongoing growth and transformation in engineering and science at the university in Harvard Magazine.

6/17/13 Harvard Magazine discusses the roles of HSCI Affiliated Faculty members George Church and Joshua Sanes in the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative.

6/14/13 The Boston Globe interviews HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Marc Kirschner about his recent Science editorial questioning the National Institutes of Health's strategy of assigning funding to research with the most overall impact and significance.

6/13/13 HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Li Chai and Principal Faculty member Daniel Tenen identify a fetal oncogene that is a marker of aggressive liver cancer and a potential therapeutic target.
Featured: 2 Minute Medicine, Harvard Gazette, HealthDay, MedPage Today, National University of Singapore

6/11/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Steven E. Hyman is named president-elect of the Society for Neuroscience, reports the Harvard Gazette.

6/10/13 Boston Children's Hospital's Vector blog features HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Paolo Fiorina's strategy to silence immune attacks in type 1 diabetes.

6/6/13 The U.S. News and World Report Best Life blog tells the story Hollister Lindley, who is living with ALS and is an active participant in HSCI research efforts.

6/6/13 HSCI Co-Founder Douglas Melton and Executive Committee member Amy Wagers lend their voices to a special section on stem cells in translation in Cell.

6/4/13 In the inaugural issue of Stem Cell Reports, HSCI Principal Faculty member M. William Lensch co-writes a review of stem cell research history leading up to the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

6/4/13 HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley and Principal Faculty member Alexander Meissner comment on research restrictions on new embryonic stem-cell lines produced by Oregon Health and Science University in Nature News.

6/4/13 Researchers from Boston Children's Hospital, including HSCI Principal Faculty member Yi Zhang, report that stem cells that strongly express a gene called WNT3 are biased to develop into pancreas, liver, and bladder tissue.

6/2/13 The MIT News office reports that HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Sangeeta Bhatia has identified compounds that help liver cells grow outside of the body, bringing closer the reality of an artificial liver. The research was conducted in collaboration with HSCI Principal Faculty members Trista E. North and Wolfram Goessling.

May 2013

5/30/13 The Harvard Gazette profiles two recent graduates and former HSCI Internship Program participants: Jennifer Cloutier explains her desire to understand how things work and her undergraduate research experience in the lab of Principal Faculty member Konrad Hochedlinger; Joshua Wortzel talks about his fascination with stem cells and his time working in the lab of Principal Faculty member Richard Lee.

5/28/13 Several Harvard Stem Cell Institute discoveries make the Harvard Gazette's list of highlights of the 2012-13 school year.

5/28/13 The Harvard Gazette reports that a team of HSCI researchers from the lab of Principal Faculty member Benjamin Humphreys are the grand-prize winners in the inaugural Deans' Health and Life Sciences Challenge.

5/28/13 WBUR talks to two HSCI Affiliated Faculty members, Piyush Gupta and Chuck Stiles, about how the federal sequester is affecting Boston biomedical research.

5/23/13 Biz Asia America hosts a panel on the ethics of the new stem cell cloning method that includes HSCI Principal Faculty member Jeffrey Karp.

5/20/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Adam Cohen is appointed a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator, reports the Harvard Gazette.

5/17/13 Postdoctoral Research fellow Francesco Loffredo, part of the GDF-11 discovery team, is profiled in Italian-language publication interno18.

5/17/13 Science Friday interviews HSCI Executive Committee member George Daley about cloning advance for producing stem cells.

5/15/13 HSCI Executive Committee members George Daley and Douglas Melton comment on the first human embryonic stem cells produced by somatic nuclear transfer.
Featured: Boston Globe, CNN, HNGN, NBC News, NPR Health, NPR Talk of the Nation, Reuters, The Scientist, U.S. Daily Voice

5/9/13 HSCI Principal Faculty members Richard Lee and Amy Wagers find protein that reverses some effects of aging in mice.
Featured: Boston Globe, CBS, Counsel&Heal, Daily Mail, Examiner, Express, Fox News, Harvard Gazette, Harvard Health Blog, Harvard Magazine, Here and Now, Independent Online, iTech Post, Journal de la Science, LatinosPost, Medical Daily, Medical News Today, MedPage Today, Nature News, Nature World News, New Scientist, Science NOW, The Scientist, Reuters, Times of India, UPI, USA Today

April 2013

4/29/13 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Greater Missouri and Southern Illinois Chapter executive director pens editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in support of HSCI's diabetes research.

4/25/13 HSCI Co-Director Douglas Melton and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Peng Yi discover betatrophin, a hormone that spurs beta cell production and potential diabetes breakthrough.
Featured: Associated Press, Bloomberg, Boston Globe, CBS, CIRM,, Daily Mail, Everyday Health, Fierce Biotech, Forbes, GEN, Harvard Crimson, Harvard Gazette, Harvard Health Blog, Harvard MagazineHealthDay, HealthLine News, Here and Now, International Business Times, iTech Post, LatinosPost, Medical Daily, MedPage Today, Nature News, Nature World News, NBC News, NPR, Science NOW, Science World Report, Scientific American, Star Tribune, Telegraph, TIME, Times of India, USA Today, Wall Street Journal

4/25/13 The Miami Hurricane profiles HSCI internship program alum Juan Pablo Ruiz.

4/16/13 HSCI Executive Committee member Lee Rubin finds new use for stem cells in identifying promising ways to target ALS; a big boost for drug discovery.
Featured: Forbes, GEN, Harvard Gazette

4/16/13 HSCI Principal Faculty member Jeffrey Karp discusses parasitic worm-inspired medical tape with Not Exactly Rocket Science, a National Geographic blog.

4/8/13Nature video shows how HSCI Principal Faculty member Harald Ott bioengeered kidneys that make urine.

4/3/13 Former HSCI intern Nouran Abdelfattah is named a 2013 Gates Cambridge Scholar, reports WPI's Daily Herd

March 2013

3/29/13 Incoming HSCI Internship Program participant Katherine Moravec is profiled by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

3/26/13 WBUR-Boston profiles HSCI Co-Director Douglas Melton in "One Harvard Scientist's Quest to Find a Cure for His Kids," part of the station's Visionaries series.

3/21/13 AstraZenica invests in RNA therapeutics developed by HSCI Principal Faculty member Derrick Rossi, as seen in the New York Times

3/13/13 Nature News reports that aspirin-like drugs improve the success of stem-cell transplants, work done by HSCI research fellow Jonathan Hoggatt.

3/12/13 HSCI Co-Director Douglas Melton is ranked number 5 and Executive Director Brock Reeve is ranked number 11 in a listing of the top 50 people on stem cells today by the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2013.

January 2013

1/21/13 HSCI principal faculty member Paola Arlotta transforms one type of neuron into another, as seen in the Harvard Gazette.