Media Mentions

June 2017

6/8/17 In a Boston Globe article, HSCI Co-director Doug Melton and Principal Faculty Jeffrey Karp comment on potential consequences of the NIH's plan to impliment a cap on the amount of funding individual lab's can receive. 


May 2017

5/21/17 HSCI Co-director David Scadden weighs in on for-profit stem cell clinics, calling stem cell tourism "a waste of money" in a Vogue article.

5/9/17 Undark Magazine features research from HSCI Co-director Doug Melton's lab in a photo story. 

5/4/16 Leonard Zon explains how a small zebrafish can have a big impact on biomedical research in a STAT News video.


April 2017

4/26/17 HSCI Nervous System Diseases Program co-lead Paola Arlotta develops a protocol that allows brain organoids to develop for more than nine months - longer than any other brain model to date. These organoids generate more diverse and mature cell types, including light-sensitive cells, than any other brain model. Featured: STAT News, Wired, University Herald, Harvard Gazette, Singularity Hub, BioNews

4/26/17 HSCI Principal Faculty Kevin Eggan finds that a percentage of stem cell lines acquire a cancer-causing mutation in vitro, including lines being prepared for clinical use. Featued: STAT News, Oncology Times, The Scientist, The San Diego Union-Tribune, GEN

4/21//17 George Daley, HSCI Principal Faculty and Dean of the Harvard Medical School, talks to NPR about why the Medical School and area hospitals support the March for Science.

4/19/17 Lee Rubin weighs in on research that found a new protein in umbilical cord blood which affects memory. FeautredScience Magazine, Nature, Ars Technica

4/12/17 In an article for The Scientist, Amy Wagers comments on work that adds to the repertoire of tools and methods used to study Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

4/11/17 Nature highlights Magenta Therapeutics, a startup cofounded by HSCI co-director David Scadden and Derrick Rossi with the aim to revolutionize hematopoietic stem cell transplants, in their list of top academic spinouts from 2016.


March 2017

3/30/17 Technology Networks highlights Yu-Hua Tseng's work on brown, energy-burning fat.

3/8/17 The ALS Forum covers Lee Rubin's most recent work towards finding therapies for neurodegenerative diseases targeting motor neurons.

3/1/17 Stuart Orkin comments on advances towards a therapy for sickle cell anemia in a New Scientist article.


February 2017

2/23/17 Founding HSCI Executive Committee member and current HMS Dean, George Daley, advocates for stem cell research in a Washington Post Q&A.
2/21/17 HSCI Principal Faculty Jeffrey Karp and Affiliate Faculty Albert Edge use a small molecule-drug cocktail to generate the tiny, sound-sensing cells found in the inner ear. Featured: STAT, The Scientist, Huffington PostYahoo! News, Business Standard, Boston Magazine,  MIT News, NDTVGEN, Science DailySeeker, TechCrunch, Daily Mail, WCCF Tech, Bioscience Technology, Harvard Gazette

January 2017

1/13/17 Amy Wagers offers perspective on aging and blood related research in MIT Tech Review. The article was reposted in Business Insider


November 2016

11/23/16 HSCI codirect David Scadden and HSCI Executive Committe Chair Len Zon used a multicolored cell-labeling technique to track blood stem cell development in behavior in two seperate studies. Featured: Science Daily, Harvard GazetteNews Medical,, GEN News, Bioscience Technology
11/16/16 Magenta Therapeutics, a startup founded on the work of HSCI codirector David Scadden and HSCI Principal Faculty member Derrik Rossi with the goal of improving bone marrow transplants, recieved $48.5 million in Series A funding. Featured: Forbes, Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, The Harvard Gazette, The Harvard CrimsonFierce Biotech, Medical XPress, XConomy, MedCity News, Global University Venturing,
11/08/2016 Joslin Diabetes Ceneter honored HSCI Principal Faculty member Gordon Weir as well as the daughters of HSCI postdoctoral fellow Quinn Peterson at its annual High Hopes Gala. Featured: The Boston GlobeHaute Living, Wicked Local Belmont, Wicked Local Cambridge


October 2016

10/20/2016 Non-profit organizations supporting research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy honor HSCI Principal Faculty Member Louis Kunkel at a charity event

10/15/16 A Sweet Life highlights the work of Doug Melton and the BAIRT program as presented at HSCI's HUB Week panel.

10/08/2016 Time covers HSCI Principal Faculty member Richard Lee's work understanding the relationship between fructose consumption/absorption and diabetes.  


September 2016

9/08/16 MIT News asked John Rinn, HSCI Principal Faculty member, for his expert opinion on the latest MIT research on lncRNA. 

9/2/16 HSCI Principal Faculty member Amar Sahay found a way to make memories stronger and more precise. Featured: SciCast, Science 2.0,

9/01/16 The Harvard Gazette highlights Paola Arlotta's work growing cerebral buds from iPS cells as one many exemplary innovative research projects on campus in an article about The Harvard Campaign.  


August 2016

8/17/2016 AllAfrica features HSCI Principal Faculty member Kornelia Polyak's work describing the mechanisms behind why women who give birth before 30 are less likely to develop breast cancer. 

8/12/16 MIT Technology Review profiled Doug Melton and detailed his work to find a cure for diabetes. The profile was reposted in Business Insider

8/9/16 Harvard University announced George Q. Daley, HSCI Executive Committee member, will be the next dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Featured: International Business Times,  Boston Business Journal, STAT, Harvard Gazette, Harvard Magazine, The Harvard, Becker's Hospital Review, Modern Healthcare


July 2016

7/06/16 American Museum of Natural History profiles biotechnologist and entrepreneur Jeff Karp. 


June 2016

6/27/16 Bloomberg News examines the potential for growth of the regenerative medicine industry in the Japanese market, and HSCI Executive Director, Brock Reeve, provides insight to the state of the industry in the US. 

6/24/16 HSCI Co-Founder David Scadden comments in a STAT article on FDA-approved (through the "compassionate use" exemption) stem cell procedure given to a lung cancer patient. 

6/17/2016 HSCI Principal Faculty member George Murphy explains how cancer stem cells function within a tumor in a Science article.  

6/16/16  HSCI, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Joslin Diabetes Center, and Semma Therapeutics announce an initiative, called the Boston Autologous Islet Regenerative Therapy program, to develop personalized cell-based therapies for patients with type 1 diabetes. Featured: STATBoston Business JournalBoston Magazine

6/8/16 NPR profiles Kit Parker, HSCI Principal Faculty member, focusing on how his friendship with Army buddy Chris Moroski influenced his decision to start studying traumatic brain injury.  

6/7/16 HSCI Co-Director David Scadden uses antibodies, rather than the standard treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, in a new approach to make bone marrow transplant procedures safer and less/toxic. Featured: Harvard GazetteNews-Medical, Science Daily, ScicastsScienceCodexMedical XPress
6/6/16 Ole Isacson talks about Parkinson's disease risk factors, in the wake of Muhammad Ali's death. FeaturedWNYC and Public Radio InternationalUSA Today, ABCRecord Searchlight

May 2016

5/27/16 Stuart Orkin writes about the economics of gene therapy development and the determination of cost and mark value in Science online.

5/11/16 The Melton Lab makes beta-producing cells from iPSCs derived from diabetic patients. Featured: Scicasts, Science DailyBioscience TechnologyR&D MagazineIBC World News, The Free Press JournalWashington News Wire, Health Canal

5/11/16 A Tablet article about the science of aging highlights the work of HSCI Principal Faculty members Amy Wagers, Rich Lee and Lee Rubin, and HSCI Executive Director, Brock Reeve, provides context about the economic landscape of diseases of aging. 

5/10/16  Chad Cowan, HSCI Principal Faculty member, speaks to Medscape about the history of stem cells and the future of medicine.

5/6 In a CBS Boston special report, HSCI Co-Director David Scadden comments on the exploitative nature of stem cell clinics offering untested therapies.


April 2016

4/06/16  HSCI Principal faculty member Kornelia Polyak identifies a molecular marker in healthy breast tissue that may help doctors asses a woman's risk of getting breast cancer. Featured: Harvard GazetteTech Times, Science DailyR&D Magazine, Daily News and AnalysisScience CodexMedical XPress

4/01/16 Healio covers Doug Melton, HSCI founding co-director, speech at the Endocrine Society's 98th annual meeting about his hope to one day replace insulin injections with cell therapy for diabetics. 


March 2016

3/25/16  Les Silberstein, an HSCI Principal Faculty member, explained to Medical Daily why A/B blood types are rare.

3/16/15 HSCI Principal Faculty member Harald Ott grows a life-size, beating human heart from stem cells. Featured: Popular Science, Huffington Post, Albany Daily Star, Co.ExistScience Alert


February 2016

2/29/2016 George Q. Daley, HSCI Executive Committee member, questions the STAP process of making stem cells, effectively debunking the work. He describes that journey in a New Yorker article. 

2/05/16 As a guest on the Science Friday podcast, HSCI Executive Committee member George Q. Daley details the scientific, ethical, and legal aspects of the U.K.'s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority's decision to allow researchers to use CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing in human embryos. 

2/02/16  Jeffrey Macklis, HSCI Executive Committee member, finds a new drug target for Rett syndrome. Featured: Harvard Gazette, Science DailyNeuroscience News, Medical XPress, Drug Discovery and DevelopmentScicastsNeural Cell News


January 2016

1/29/16 HSCI Executive Committee member Len Zon watched cancer spread from the first affected cells through a live animal. The research could change the way scientists understand melanoma and other cancers. Featured: New York Times, The Scientist, STAT, Yahoo NewsGenetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, Bioscience Technology, Business Standard, Daily MailDaily Capital, Global PostDeccan Chronicle, New Vision UgandaTimes of India, The Japan TimesSciences et Avenir, RapplerMiddle East North Africa Financial NetworkTeletrece   
1/25/16 Collaborators at MIT created an encapsulation device that protects the stem-cell derived beta cells created in Doug Melton's lab from immune system attack in mice, bringing a treatment for diabetes one stem closer to the clinic. Featured: CNBC, Fox NewsSTAT, Boston Business JournalNew York Post, Times Live, Gizmodo, GizmagTech Times, International Business TimesDaily Mail, Express, Inquisitr, St. Lucia Times, Deccan Chronicle, University HeraldBABW News, The Diabetes Times, Business Standard, Delhi Daily News, Daily News and Analysis India
1/1/16 Three independent research groups, including one lead by HSCI Principal Faculty member Amy Wager, used gene-editing techniques to find a treatment for mice with Duchenne's muscular dystrophy. Featured: The New York Times, The Scientist, ScienceBBC News, Gizmodo, Genome Web, Medical Daily, Houston ChronicleSouth Texas News, West Texas NewsThe California Post, Global PostGenetic Literacy ProjectInsight Ticker, BT, Hexa News,


December 2015

12/14/15 Konrad Hochedlinger, HSCI Principal Faculty member, identified a gene that when suppressed helps cells lose their "memory," making them more susceptible to reprogramming into iPS cells. Featured: Science 2.0, GEN News, PhysOrgHNGN, Science CodexNewsWise
12/03/15  HSCI Principal Faculty member George Daley provides expert commentary about the moral and ethical quandary of using gene-editing in human cells. Featured: The New York TimesThe Scientist


November 2015

11/23/15 The Boston Globe photographs HSCI co-founder and co-director Doug Melton at the Joslin Diabetes Center's16th annual High Hopes Gala. Melton received a Global Achievement Award that night. 

11/19/15 HSCI co-founder and co-director David Scadden speaks with CBS Chicago about the lack of scientific evidence and literature backing stem cell clinics and treatment centers. 

11/19/15 Boston Business Journal publishes a Q&A with HSCI co-founder and co-director Doug Melton, who received a Global Achievement Award from Joslin Diabetes Center in recognition of his contributions to the field of diabetes research. 

11/04/15 HSCI Principal Faculty member Paola Arlotta  reprograms neurons by turning one type of neuron into another type, and then shows that the way the new type of neurons communicate with their neuron neighbors can also change. Featured: KurzweilAI NewsHarvard Gazette

October 2015

10/26/15 Work from HSCI researchers Konrad Hochedlinger and Peter Park compares embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells to find if they are "functionally equivalent." Featured:, Bio EdgeGEN NewsScience, Science 2.0, The ScientistThe San Diego Union-TribuneThe Irish Times
10/26/15 Researchers, led by HSCI Principal Faculty member Joseph Bonventre, use genetically-engineered, mini-kidney  organdies to model genetic diseases. Featured: GEN News, News MedicalFuturity
10/18/15  HSCI researchers Joseph Bonventre, Albert Lam, and Todd Valerius create mature kidney structures from induced pluripotent stem cells. Featured: Bioscience Technology, News MedicalHarvard GazetteGizmodoLaboratory Equipment

10/01/15 In The Scientist, an article exploring adult humans' ability to generate new neurons features the work of HSCI Principal Faculty Amar Sahay.  


September 2015

09/28/15 European pharmaceutical company Roche Holding AG's collaborates with HSCI to screen for potential drugs to treat Autism. Featured: BloombergBusiness, Chicago Daily HeraldChicago Tribune

09/22/15 BBC News references HSCI Principal Faculty Member Harald Ott's work in an article about kidney regeneration. 

09/18/15 An article in the Boston Globe pictures HSCI Executive Director Brock Reeve, who sat on a panel about gene and cell therapies at the BioPharma America conference. 

09/02/15 An article published in the September issue of Discover Magazine features the work of HSCI Principal Faculty member Khalid Shah. 

09/02/15 A Fox News article about stem cell tourism references a paper written and a panel organized by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in 2013. 


August 2015 

08/12/15 HSCI Principal Faculty member Jeff Karp invents a new hydrogel that targets inflamed tissue and delivers drugs for those with inflammatory bowel disease. Featured: BBC NewsHealthline News, Medical XpressHelio, FierceBiotech ResearchOnMedica 

08/11/15 CNN features HSCI Principal Faculty member Harald Ott's limb regeneration work. 

08/03/15 HSCI Principal Faculty member Olivier Pourquie's work generating muscle fibers to study muscular dystrophy is featured in Medical Daily.

08/01/15 In an article about nature-inspired bioengineering projects, The Scientist highlights the work of HSCI Principal Faculty member Jeff Karp. 


July 2015

07/31/15 An article in The Scientist features the work of HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Luk Vandenberghe, who resurrected the structure of ancient viruses to help improve gene therapy. 


June 2015

06/03/15 News articles feature the work of HSCI Principal Faculty member Harald Ott, who has "grown" and transplanted muscle and vascular cells in a rat. Featured: Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, New Scientist, Popular Science, Discover, Newsweek, International Business Times, Fox, Huffington Post UKBetaBoston, Boston Business Journal, The Verge, Gizmag, CNET, Ottowa Sun, Yahoo News

May 2015

05/17/15 HSCI Principal Faculty member George Q. Daley comments on the ethics of stem cell clinics. Featured: The Seattle Times, Columbus Dispatch, San Jose Mercury NewsBoston Globe
05/01/15 In The Scientist article about the future of cardiac cell therapies, Richard Lee discusses the ratio of clinical trials to basic research papers produced by the field. 


April 2015

04/22/15 HSCI Principal Faculty member George Q. Daley responds to a controversial gene-editing study and furthers public conversation regarding the ethical and moral implications of gene-editing technology. Featured: The New York Times, NPR, Smithsonian, Washington Post, Business InsiderThe Seattle Times,  WiredNew York Daily News, International Business Times
04/20/15 HSCI Affiliated Faculty member Xiaoliang Sunney Xie is awarded the $500,000 Albany Medical Center Prize in Biomedicine and Biomedical Research.  Xie shares the prize with Standford University's Karl Deisseroth. Featured: The Seattle TimesThe Washington Post


March 2015

03/25/15 AstraZeneca announces a five-year research collaboration with HSCI to study how beta cell function declines in diabetes. Featured: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessReutersFierceBiotechCambridge News, GENPharmaTimes

03/24/15 The Boston Globe features Semma Therapeutics, a new biotech company commercializing research from  HSCI Co-founder and Principal Faculty member Doug Melton's lab. The company has raised $44 million to begin developing insulin-secreting cell transplant therapies for patients with Type 1 diabetes. 

03/19/2015 HSCI Principal Faculty member George Q. Daley comments on the emerging social and ethical implications of gene-editing technology in The New York Times

03/13/15 A Science news feature about eye transplants mentions HSCI Principal Faculty member Zhigang He's work on optic nerve regeneration. 


February 2015

02/26/15 In The Scientist, the latest work in the lab of HSCI Principal Faculty Jeff Karp (Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School) has important implications for improving the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) used in clinical trials. 


January 2015

01/21/15 Nature news feature on efforts to apply the findings of parabiotic research on mice to humans features HSCI Principal Faculty member Amy Wagers.