Craft Lab: Research Scientist/Post-doctoral Fellow

Orthopedic Research Laboratories
Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Harvard Stem Cell Institute

Clinical Translation of iPSC-derived cartilage

We seek the best candidate, either motivated research scientist or postdoctoral fellow, to join our stem cell and translational research team to participate in preclinical cartilage repair studies.  The position requires previous hands-on tissue engineering experience (preferably with cartilage, biomaterials, and physical analyses of constructs e.g., histology, biomechanics, biochemistry). This is a full time research position with an immediate start date available.... Read more about Craft Lab: Research Scientist/Post-doctoral Fellow

Fishman Lab: Postdoctoral Fellow

The Fishman lab in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University, in collaboration with the Engert Lab in MCB of Harvard, is launching a program to define in zebrafish the function of heart-brain neural connectivity. The goal is a full definition of: what sensory nerves measure within the heart and vasculature; how they connect to central nervous system centers; and how such information is integrated and used to control cardiovascular function. The technical approaches includes single cell transcriptomics, electrophysiology and optogenetics, and electron microscopy.... Read more about Fishman Lab: Postdoctoral Fellow