George Daley named president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research

HSCI contributions to international cooperation in stem cell research  are advanced by the recent election of George Daley, MD, PhD, associate  director of the Children’s Hospital Boston Stem Cell Program, as  president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR).  The ISSCR is an independent, nonprofit organization, which, since 2002,  has worked to foster the dissemination of information and ideas relating  to stem cells, to encourage research, and to promote professional and  public education in all areas of stem cell research. 

Daley is the organization’s fourth president, taking over from Paul  Simmons, PhD, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston.  (Leonard Zon of Children’s Hospital Boston and HSCI Executive  Committee chair served as its founding president.) Annual meetings of  the ISSCR tend to focus on young researchers, fostering communications  and support for future leaders. In February 2000, the ISSCR released its  “Guidelines for the Conduct of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research,”  intended to encourage responsible, transparent, and uniform practices  worldwide. See 

An important and well-known voice in science and ethics at Harvard  and around the world, Daley is an HSCI principal faculty member,  member of HSCI’s Executive Committee, a hematologist at Children’s  Hospital Boston, and a laboratory investigator. He has briefed Congress  concerning government support of both human embryonic and adult  stem cell research. He is expected to encourage ISSCR’s continued  examination of ethical practices while president. Daley comments,  “We seek to remove unnecessary barriers to scientific programs while  promoting responsible, uniform research practices worldwide.”  Thanks to Children’s Hospital Boston for information regarding  Daley’s appointment.