HSCI Technology Series: Lineage Differentiation/Disease-In-A-Dish


Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Harvard University, Sherman-Fairchild 261, 7 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA

Guest speakers:
Tracy Young-Pearse, PhD (BWH) with Christina Muratore, PhD and Priya Srikanth
"Modeling Alzheimer's disease with human induced pluripotent stem cells"

Kevin Eggan, PhD (HSCRB) with Evangelos Kiskinis, PhD
"Measuring electrophysiological changes in ALS patients and stem cell derived motor neurons"

The HSCI Technology Series was developed to best serve researchers in their day-to-day experimental work in the lab.  Each session will cover:

  • Which technology worked, and which didn't - in which circumstance.  Even negative results are important to share!
  • The 'nuts and bolts' of the technology - talks will be given by the people who actually performed the work in the lab.

Presentations will be informal, and there will be ample opportunity to ask questions.

This workshop will not be broadcast via WebEx, as originally planned.

Contact Maureen Herrmann for meeting details.

Please feel free to bring a brown bag lunch to this discussion.