"Effort of using whole genome sequencing to identify whole spectrum of de novo and rare inherited mutation in autism families"


Monday, November 25, 2013, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Harvard Medical School, New Research Building, Room 350, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA

Special seminar of HSCI and BGI Tech Solutions

Guest speaker:
Xin Jin

Senior Research Scientist at BGI

Xin Jin joined BGI in 2009. He has involved and been leading several important scientific research projects, including the Sino-Danish Diabetes Project (LUCAMP), building the  human pan-genome project, high altitude adaptation project and Autism Genome 10K project. Now Xin  is senior research scientist at BGI. He and his team mainly focus on sequencing  based researches  including complex disease, mendelian disorder and population genetics.

Selected Publications:

1. Yi X, Liang Y, Huerta-Sanchez E, #Jin X, … , et al. Sequencing of 50 Human  Exomes Reveals
Adaptation to High Altitude.
Science (2010) vol. 329 (5987) pp. 75-78
2. #Jin X, He M, et al. An effort to use human-based exome capture methods to analyze chimpanzee
and macaque exomes.
PLoS ONE (2012) vol. 7 (7) pp. e40637
3. Michaelson J, Shi Y, Gujral M, Zheng H, Malhotra D, #Jin X, … , et al. Whole-Genome Sequencing
in Autism Identifies Hot
Spots for De Novo Germline Mutation. Cell (2012) vol. 151 (7) pp. 1431-1442
4. Jiang Y, Yuen RKC, #Jin X, M Wang, … , et al. Detection of clinically relevant genetic variants
in autism spectrum disorder by whole-genome sequencing. AJHG (2013) 93 (2), 249-263

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