Coordinating events that help fund diabetes research

Ever since her son Ryan was first diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago, Jane Harvey has actively participated in fundraising efforts to help find a cure for the disease. And over the years the Harvey family has walked and ridden their bikes countless miles to help raise money for research.

But after Ryan left for college, the Harveys became less involved in the fundraisers. That is, until this past November, when Jane was in the library while visiting her son at college and read the TIME magazine article about HSCI's co-Director, Douglas Melton, PhD. It was then that she decided it was time to get involved again.

Using the skills from her career as an events coordinator, Jane is organizing a fundraiser to take place on Cape Cod. The proceeds will be donated to HSCI.

"I knew that I could help," said Jane. "It's easy to do something when you are working toward a cure. Better to be putting positive energy into the problem."