International Students

International students who are selected to participate in HIP, and confirm their acceptance of our invitation, will receive Harvard University sponsorship of the J-1 student intern visa. International applicants who are already studying at a US college and who are selected for our program will need to obtain 'curricular practical training' (CPT) approval from their college or university.

International applicants need do nothing with regard to obtaining a visa until they have received confirmation of their participation in HIP. The HIP program administrator will work with Harvard's International Office to initiate the necessary paperwork, and that will be sent via FedEx delivery to the intern's international address. At that point, the student is responsible for scheduling the visa interview at the nearest US Embassy/Consulate, and he/she will also be responsible for any visa application fees. In the history of HIP, no intern visas have been denied!

International applicants who are not already studying at a US college or university will need to provide evidence of oral and written mastery of English (if English is not your native language) - an interview with selected applicants will be conducted via Skype.  Additionally, per US Dept. of State regulations, selected international applicants will also have to provide evidence of health insurance coverage and financial support equal to approximately $2,500.00 per month (the stipend is valued at $1,800.00 per month).

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Extra: Read a Q&A with an international intern from HIP 2014. Elizabeth Cheeseman won a UK-wide competition, sponsored by the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine, to study stem cells in Boston.